New York Plaza Hotel

Plaza-HotelThe New York Plaza Hotel is rich with history and has changed hands several times since its construction in the early 1900’s. The elegant hotel has put its mark in literature, movies, television, and even history. The Plaza Hotel is as exceptional today as it was when it was first built over a century ago.

Elegant from the beginning

The corner of Fifth Avenue and Central Park South had already been the home to a Plaza Hotel when Bernhard Beinecke, Fred Sterry, and Harry S. Black decided to build the larger and more sophisticated hotel we know today. The hotel went from 15-stories to 19-stories and cost an extravagant $12 million. The hotel’s original purpose was for permanent residents of a certain social class and wealth. Those who wish to live a lavish lifestyle stayed in the hotel. Later in the 1920’s, an annex of 300 rooms was built to allow even more guests to reside at the hotel.

A decade later the large guest rooms were broken into smaller rooms for guests who were only visiting. The hotel changed ownership once more in 1943 to Conrad Hilton, the founder of the Hilton Hotel chain. In the late 1980’s the hotel was purchased yet again by another prominent individual, Donald Trump, who subsequently sold the hotel after his costly divorce in 1995.

Under the ownership of El Ad the hotel underwent renovations and restoration behind closed doors and reopened in 2008. The Plaza Hotel is now managed by Fairmont Hotels and Resorts. No matter who owns the hotel, it has continued to hold a reputable, luxurious, and historical reputation that draws in guests coming to New York such as tourists visiting the city or royalty and diplomats taking part in world affairs.

More than an hotel

The Plaza Hotel has been a part of novels and movies for decades. In 1955 author Kay Thompson began the Eloise book series about a mischievous little girl who lived in the hotel. The books were so popular and drew in many visitors, The Plaza incorporated the character into different areas of the hotel, including an Eloise at The Plaza Shop and even rents out tricycles and bikes for guests to ride through Central Park.

In the shops of the hotel you can buy many items such as souvenirs and there is also a pharmacy and a dietary supplement shop. Interestingly New York visitors are often either obese or athletic, and this boutique is very successful. Some people wonder where can I buy garcinia cambogia extract, and this can be found right there. Others want to purchase protein drinks before they hit the Plaza gym and this is also available. As the hotel is right in the center of Manhattan, almost anything can be bought from a walking distance anyway and there are also many great restaurants, both inside and outside the hotel.

Many notable authors have mentioned The Plaza in their novels, including “Anonymous Rex”,” The Great Gatsby”, and “The Last Olympian” which is part of the Percy Jackson series. Meg Cabot also used the hotel in her series, “The Princess Diaries”. The hotel appears in more than just books, scenes from major motion pictures were shot from in and around the hotel as well. Many movies such as North by Northwest, Funny Girl, Plaza Suite, Crocodile Dundee, Sleepless in Seattle, and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, just to name a few, included scenes from the hotel.

The most recent films that include the hotel are The Great Gatsby and American Hustle. Television is not left out as it uses the hotel as a backdrop for many shows such as Friends, Seinfield, The Sopranos, and even the animated Family Guy. The plaza can also be seen in the famous video game, Grand Theft Auto IV. From books to video games, the Plaza has allowed the whole world to see just how exceptional and superior it really is.

The historical Plaza Hotel is a prominent part of New York history and gives guests the chance to live in the lap of luxury. Many have lived or visited the hotel and have been a part of its rich existence. Some of these guests such as Eartha Kitt and Liza Minnelli brought their fame to the hotel and performed in the Persian Room while other celebrities like the Beatles stayed in the hotel while visiting the city.

Since the Plaza hotel has been opened it has celebrated many milestones such as its 100 year anniversary. The hotel is so cherished by the city that it is designated as a New York City Landmark and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Plaza Hotel is truly remarkable, has stood the test of time, and has remained a New York City classic for over a century. Visit it when you come to New York.

The Big Apple

new-yorkNew York City is one of the premier destinations for travelers around the world and with good reason. A visitor can spend weeks exploring the city’s many facets and still not know everything about New York.

The best way to enjoy this world-class city is to consider your family’s interests and break down your sightseeing options into distinct categories. This will allow every member of the family to enjoy his or her own special feature about New York City.


Although New York City seems vibrant and modern, it has a fascinating history that makes for interesting touring. From its brief, early time as the new nation’s capitol, to the influx of immigrants during the late 1800s, and all the building and commerce that occurred in-between, New York City. Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Merchant’s Museum, Green-Wood Cemetery and the Tenement Museum are just a few of the attractions you can visit to get a taste of this city’s august history.


As an important hub of the art world, New York City provides a wealth of opportunities for art lovers to enjoy not only some of the greatest artworks in history, but also some of the most innovative new work available anywhere in the world. The Museum of Modern Art, the famed MoMa, is one of the top spots in New York City for art lovers. The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Brooklyn Museum of Art are other favorites, but the city offers a wide variety of additional options, from classic artworks to specialized fields like Hebrew or Tibetan art. Most museums have a gift shop where you can purchase reproductions of your favorite works.


For visitors interested in architecture, New York City offers special delights. They can chart the progress of this world-renowned city from its beginnings in the 18th century to today, noting the imprint left by some of the most famous architects the world has known. From preserved structures such as the Pieter-Claesen-Wyckoff House in Brooklyn from the 1600s, to the Empire State Building in 1930s and the One World Trade Center to be completed in 2014, you can chart the history of the city through the growth of its construction. A number of tours are available for those interested in this unique aspect of New York City.


New York City theater is some of the most exciting and unusual in the world. You can find any type of entertainment, from classic Shakespearean works to the top shows on Broadway. Many visitors are surprised and delighted by the lesser known shows that the city offers like the Blue Man Show, so feel free to expand your creative interests by exploring the work of new playwrights that this great theater city provides.

Ethnic Cultures

No visit to New York City is complete without a visit to some of the city’s ethnic neighborhoods. New York city is home to almost every nationality on the planet, and you can find food, shopping and cultural entertainments that will feel like a trip around the world. In particular ChinaTown is amazing with some of the best Chinese food in the world at very reasonable prices.


If you think the big city is not a place for children to enjoy, think again. New York City can be a playground for kids, too. Ice skating at Rockefeller Center is always a favorite, and the city’s famous Central Park offers plenty of room for running, ball playing and cycling, plus a zoo. The Bronx Zoo, housing more than 6,000 animals, has been an institution in the city for more than 100 years and is now one of the largest zoos in the world. The Children’s Museum of Manhattan provides plenty of hands-on experiences in art, science, literature and media. Special events keep this attraction a lively place to keep children occupied and engaged.